The result of sixty years of research:
Alfred Miles with the ten-volume history of Cheltenham.
Image courtesy of Gloucestershire Archives
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This section of the Cheltenham Local History Society website is designed for the publication, in digital form, of research carried out by members of the Society and is primarily about Cheltenham. This research is also available for use by Society members and the public. See below for copyright issues.

Research does not always result in a form suitable for publication in an article in the Society’s Newsletter or the annual research Journal. The results may consist of on-going research that can be published as a draft (later to be updated), transcriptions of Cheltenham documents, local documents that have been digitised (with permission) or relevant, well researched and comprehensive notes.

If you wish to have your research considered for inclusion on this page, please contact Sally, who will discuss any research or copyright issues with you. Cheltenham Local History Society reserve the right to refuse publication of any work that is not consistent with British law or with the aims of Cheltenham Local History Society which are:

‘to advance the education of the public in the history of Cheltenham’; ‘provide a forum for those interested in the history of the town to meet and share their interests’; ‘to gather, study and publish information about the history of the town’.

For further information and clarification please contact Sally Self 01242 243714

Cheltenham Borough Council Records

Minutes 1888-1946

You are advised to read the background and explanatory notes before accessing the Cheltenham Borough Council Minutes pdfs.

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Planning Applications 1895-1947

Download the list of Planning Applications from 1895 to 1947.

Know Your Place Layers

KNOW YOUR PLACE (KYP) is a website displaying a range of historic maps of Gloucestershire, including tithe maps from the 1840s, the 1855 Cheltenham Old Town Survey, Ordnance Survey maps from 1844-1865, and town plans from 1879-1888, with modern street maps for comparison purposes.

CLHS volunteers have uploaded short biographies and images which are attached to maps of the Cheltenham area for two areas of interest from the first decades of the 20th century: World War I servicemen and women, and the Supporters of Women’s Suffrage.

The KYP World War 1 layer holds around 1600 entries relating to soldiers serving during the war from the Cheltenham area, linked to their home addresses. Some records also relate to women engaged in war work. Most entries are accompanied by images copied from the Cheltenham Chronicle and Gloucestershire Graphic. This collection was created by local historian David Drinkwater.

The KYP Women’s Suffrage layer has been created from a database of suffrage supporters in Gloucestershire researched and compiled by historian Sue Jones. A unique source of information and images for the Cheltenham area is a 1912 book of signatures of women and men presented in gratitude to their M.P. James Agg-Gardner for introducing the second reading of a women's suffrage bill that year (Gloucestershire Archives reference D5130/6/6).

Please read the explanatory notes on how to access the maps and data for the WW1 and Women’s Suffrage layers. The Know Your Place (KYP) website can be found here.

Copyright issues relating to material to be published on this page

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Using material published on the Cheltenham Local History website

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