The Society’s Oral History Project was set up with the intention of recording and preserving some of the memories and personal experiences of Cheltonians in audio form. Three CLHS volunteers, Janet Graham, Irene Finlayson and Jenny Miller were trained at Gloucestershire Archives in the techniques of carrying out interviews and making recordings, and a Digital Audio Voice Recorder was purchased. Allen Miller later joined the team to assist with technical issues.

The team have recorded a number of interviews with current Cheltenham residents with memories of the town in former days, and these can be found by clicking the icons below. The recording will open in a new tab in the CLHS Youtube channel. (This is free to access and there is no need to sign up or create an account)

Dave Wheeler's memories of his first job working as an apprentice at Cavendish House in 1965.
Carol Oddy talks about her life in Cheltenham in the early 1960's, including memories of Pate’s Grammar School, Secretarial College, Arcuprint and the Leicester Permanent Building Society, and The Beatles
Lyn Morgan talks about her first jobs in banking and Cheltenham’s High Street banks in the early 1960s.
Anne Warne remembers relocating from London to Cheltenham with the Universities Central Council on Admissions (UCCA), later UCAS.
Heather Coeur recalls her life as a shopkeeper in the Lower High Street, retraining as a teacher of English as a foreign language, and her students.
Carolyn Greet’s memories of teaching at Pate’s Grammar School, the re-organisation of secondary education, town centre shops, cinemas and theatre, Parabola Road and Montpellier, and musical activities.
Joan Whiting Moon’s life in Cheltenham:
Part 1 1960s-1970s Department stores, antique shops and the Civic Society
Part 2 1970s-1980s Lansdown area, urban changes, Literature Festival and bookshops
Part 3 1970s-1980s Pate’s Grammar School, bomb threats, The Queen Mother and the Races
Part 4 1960s-1980s Magisterial duties
Rod Bowden’s memories of Whitefriars School, playing rugby, work as a hairdresser, and male voice choirs.
Tim Deeks talks about the early days of Bournside school, student life at the Technical College, playing cricket and golf, and his memories of his father and grandfathers.